Whilst most people plan how much to spend on their household purchases, holidays, hobbies, cars and suchlike, very few people have a line in their personal budget headed “Personal Development”.

So when you’re thinking about fees, ask yourself this:-

When I’m working out the cost what am I comparing it to?  What am I measuring my investment against?

Are you comparing it to:

  • A series of weekly music lessons leading to recognised exam success?

  • Your regular monthly or fortnightly visit to the hairdressers?

  • A special summer weekend break in a spa?

  • An unrepeatable once in a lifetime round the world cruise?

  • Or doing nothing at all and just hoping it’ll all work out all by itself?

Unless you construct a true and realistic comparison you could well end up short-changing yourself as to the the actual impact and long-term value of the results you’ll be achieving.

What are your fee rates?

That’s something I will be perfectly willing to discuss with you when we meet.

I never agree to work with a coaching client until after an initial consultation, which will usually last for around 90-120 minutes.

By the end we’ll both have a clearer understanding as to whether this is right for you and if so, how best to take this forwards.

What if I’m unemployed or on a low income?

Please see my FAQ.

Methods of payment

Payments are always due in advance, either by paypal using the link below or by direct bank transfer.  By prior agreement only, payment can be made in cash and a receipt will be provided.